Monday, October 30, 2006

My Comments

To be honest, I am no avid blogger. So to those who are actually looking forward to more write-ups from me, I am sorry I may have to disappoint you. As to how this blog came about then, well this was what happened.

I was on a flight, full of thoughts about the current society, age discrimination & where Singapore is heading to (our future). I wrote it down & sent it to the Forum Page. Unfortunately or fortunately, it was rejected. Due to space constraint, they said. I was encouraged by those who have read my article to post it on the Net for alternative mass readership.

It’s barely a month since I posted my article & it’s beyond my wildest imagination that my commentary has created such a furore. It has even sparked off a lively debate which otherwise would not have been possible on traditional print media.

I have written to the Forum Page before on "insignificant" issues & ironically they were published. Many have told me it's really the press readership control that my commentary was rejected this time. I still would love to give credit to the Forum Page & think otherwise.

Nonetheless, I want to thank all who have visited my blog. Either you agree or disagree with me, I still want to thank you for the very fact that you shown interest in my personal opinion.

Some may be wondering how I feel about the whole episode. Well, my objective was to create an AWARENESS of the plight of people in their 40s. Looking at the numbers who have visited my blog & the “accidental” limelight as a result of a “visit from the elite”, I should be happy some level of awareness has been achieved indeed. Although this is not new, but at least people are taking a step back to reflect. It’s also about time our government face the “brutal truth”; about the feelings of the post 65 generation.